Odirile Matladi

Odirile is a legal practitioner who wears my passion for social and environmental justice on her sleeves. She aspires to effect change through contributing to the empowerment of women and other marginalized communities, and by contributing to the development of the law to protect and benefit all people. In 2021, she was recognised as one of the Top 100 Students by GradStar – a programme which recognises the Top 100 students across the country from all disciplines based on academic excellence, leadership capabilities, and readiness for the workplace. 
Odirile holds Bachelor of Commerce in Law and Bachelor of Laws degrees from the University of Pretoria (UP). During her time in the Jacaranda City, Odirile earned her leadership stripes by holding various management positions in the TuksRes Women in Leadership Academy (TRWLA), which provides leadership and personal development training to the students in the ladies’ residences at UP. She went on to become the Director and sat on the Eldership Board. She has also dedicated her service in various capacities to SWCM over the years, further fueling her passion of contributing to youth empowerment.