Welcome to the SWCM Gallery, a distinguished collection showcasing multimedia content relevant to our endeavors in the legal realm. Explore our curated selection of videos and pictures, meticulously organized to provide visual insights into our initiatives, events, and impactful moments within our organization.


SWCM Annual Colloquium

We are delighted to present the highlights from our annual colloquium, capturing insightful discussions, memorable moments, and the spirit of camaraderie that defines this esteemed event. Dive into our gallery to relive the enriching experience and witness the vibrant exchange of ideas that took place during this exceptional gathering.

SWCM Constitutional Court Tours

As part of our commitment to accessibility and legal education, SWCM provides exclusive tours of the Constitutional Court—an opportunity for aspiring legal minds to explore the heart of South Africa’s judicial system. Browse through our gallery to glimpse the moments captured during these enlightening tours. 

Video Gallery