Adv. Sinako Lindazwe

Advocate Sinako Lindazwe’s upbringing makes her want to make it easier for other disadvantaged young people to succeed in a legal career. To do that, she founded the Sinako We Can Movement to mentor, guide and empower others and demystify the legal profession.

Born in Colesberg, Lindazwe had to work full time to fund her studies. Perseverance saw her graduate with a master’s degree in law at the age of 23 and she was quickly appointed as a constitutional court law clerk. She now handles constitutional, business and international law and general litigation.

She believes transformation of the judiciary and legal profession is a stepping stone towards transforming society. “The impact of my work is reflected in my mentees, who now occupy positions throughout the profession, including the constitutional court. My goal is for the legal profession’s composition to be broadly representative of the society in which we live and practise,” she says