Clyde & Co: Candidate Attorney 2024/2025

If you’re looking for the perfect environment to learn, develop and progress, we think you’ll love life here. We’re a growing firm (one of the fastest growing in the world, in fact). And we work at the heart of sectors that drive global trade and commerce. It makes this an unrivalled opportunity to take on exciting, high profile work and to grow as rapidly as us.

At Clyde & Co in South Africa we know the importance of maximizing our candidates’ exposure to all aspects of our specialised practice and providing them with the appropriate guidance and training to ensure a meaningful articling experience. We take a teamwork approach. Candidates Attorneys are given the opportunity to work closely with both associates and partners, while being given the freedom to act independently. A healthy balance is maintained between theoretical and practical tasks

We offer vacation scheme work placements and articles in both our Johannesburg and Cape Town offices. We do advise you applying as soon as possible for both our vacation scheme and articles, as we may begin inviting for interview places before the deadline.

Applications for 2023 are closed. Applications for 2024 and 2025 are open.