SWCM 3rd Annual Colloquium:  Transformative Tools to Expedite Women’s Advancement in the Legal Profession

The SWCM Colloquium is an annual event that brings together young professionals in the legal profession as well as those who hope to join the profession in the near future. SWCM is proud to host our third annual colloquium.

The year 2023 marks the centenary commemoration of women first being allowed to join the legal profession in South Africa following the promulgation of the Women Legal Practitioners 7 of 1923. While there has been inclusion of women in the legal profession over the years, women in the profession have since continued to face challenges such as institutionalised exclusion and discrimination, sexual harassment, and bullying within the profession.
Much more work remains to be done to ensure the profession’s transformation. Part of that work includes unveiling the numerous challenges that women in the profession face and  how these impediments hinder the development of the South African judicial system.
This year’s Colloquium seeks to facilitate a dialogue between women and men from all walks of the profession on the transformative tools that exist with the main goal of accelerating the advancement of women in the legal profession, and what additional measures need to be taken to promote the integration of women into the profession.


This event offers an opportunity to engage with leaders in the profession, decision-makers, and visionaries who are at the forefront of shaping the future.
Our distinguished guests will be in conversation under this year’s theme “Transformative Tools to Expedite Women’s Advancement in the Legal Profession“, as per the following details:
Date: 26 August 2023
Time: 10:00
Venue: Women’s Jail, Constitutional Hill, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Limited seats are available. No entry without prior registration.
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