Unleashing Confidence Through the SWCM Mentorship Programme: My Transformative Journey

Confidence is a trait that can influence a person’s personal and professional lives. The “Sinako We Can Movement” mentorship programme is evidence of the significance of how mentorship can build an individual’s confidence. Applying for the SWCM mentorship programme was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I made in 2023. To be honest, I was sceptical that I would be accepted, especially since it became evident during my interview that I was shy and experiencing social anxiety. This posts aims to detail the remarkable impact the SWCM mentorship programme has had in the transformation of my self-assurance and general perception.

The circumstances of my upbringing had a significant negative impact on my self-esteem. Growing up in a small village where English was rarely spoken, my communication skills were effectively constrained. As a common experience among African children, self-expression is often regarded as disrespectful. Consequently, the impact of these circumstances limits my participation in group discussions, and I mostly shy away from social interactions that I genuinely wish to engage in.

Notably, the SWCM Mentorship Programme is a movement that was formed with a vision to encourage individuals, like myself, from various backgrounds to overcome challenges and grow confidence as aspirant professionals. The program is entrenched in the belief of fostering growth; through guidance, support, and providing a comfortable space for mentees to develop their communication skills and build confidence. Advocate Sinako frequently emphasises the importance of mentees’ ability to communicate themselves and facilitates an effective learning environment by reiterating that “no question is a stupid question”, which has encouraged me to participate and participate with other mentees and the team at SWCM.

My interaction with fellow mentees, mentors, and speakers in workshops, inductions, and discussions offered by the mentorship programme has afforded me a sense of partnership that has improved my confidence. It was comforting to know that I was not alone in my difficulties. It is very encouraging that the knowledge that we acquire from the mentors and speakers is mostly put into practice, and being able to successfully implement the skills brings a sense of accomplishment.

In addition, the guidance provided by the programme exposes one’s character in such a way that you recognize your potential through challenging activities assigned to mentees. These activities include career planning, through which we are assisted in mapping out their career path. Creating and maintaining professional relationships, these skills were tested at the Annual Women’s Colloquium, where I tested my communication skills, and the event served as a networking opportunity for us as mentees.

The programme’s highlight, according to me, is the Women’s Colloquium event. Although the event stood out, the way we were prepared for it was inspiring, and I believe that all the mentees, including myself, were looking forward to the day. As usual, before every task, we were briefed on how to conduct ourselves in a professional and organized manner. Collaboration and versatility were emphasized. Additionally, we were taught how to create and maintain professional relationships. Moreover, during the event, speakers addressed us. The most valuable lesson that I have learned is that “a personal brand is particularly important for lawyers and aspirants as it is the foundation on which your career and practice are built” (Mrs. Mzozoyana). In order to build your personal brand, one must engage in introspection, define their core values, and create their online presence. As legal professionals, we must take control of the narrative surrounding our careers, and doing so plays a vital role in building our self-confidence.

 In conclusion, the SWCM Mentorship Programme is an inspiration and source of hope for legal aspirants in search of a way to develop their confidence and map out practical challenges. Through personal guidance, steady advancement, and unified support, the program equipped me with the tools to stop limiting myself due to self-doubt. As I continue my journey, I am encouraged by the knowledge that confidence is not a born characteristic but a skill that can be nurtured through dedication, mentorship, and self-discovery.

Author : Fortune Mushi

Fortune Mushi is a final-year LLB student at North West University, equipped with a solid understanding of law, particularly in the areas of the law of persons, criminal law, and international law.