Written by Buhle Miya

On October 12, 2022, the founder and mentor of SWCM NPC, advocate Sinako Lindazwe, granted us, the mentees, the opportunity to shadow her for the day. The previous day’s brief could not have prepared me for what the following day would bring. We arrived at Thulamela Chambers at precisely 8 a.m, where we were welcomed and given instructions. Adv. Sinako clued us in on what to expect and what would be expected of us, her schedule included online court appearances. One of which was later changed and rearranged into a physical court appearance.

Before we knew it, we were jetting across town for an urgent application in the Johannesburg High Court. While we waited for Adv. Sinako’s matter to be heard before the presiding judge, we were fortunate enough to sit in on the other matters presented in the court and learned a few things about decorum and the importance of preparation. Unfortunately, I was unable to see her address the presiding judge on this particular day but I do have to share the few essential points that I was able to take home with me from the day.

Adv. Sinako’s dedication and commitment to her work presented itself in the manner in which she carried herself throughout the day, her calm yet assertive demeanor aided in her confidence throughout. Sinako was able to attend to her duties without looking nervous or at least from where I was sitting. From the brief moments spent in court, I learned that one must differentiate themselves in this field through hard work, your work speaks for itself. Attorneys or advocates who appeared before the court unprepared were called to order by the judge right away. As a final-year law student, I particularly valued how the job shadowing experience reminded me how important it is to be well-prepared when working as a legal practitioner.

Practice is indeed more than just high heels and fancy expensive briefcases.